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  Categories: Diabetic, Sandwiches, Fish, Rice
       Yield: 3 humans
   3 1/2 oz (1) can tuna; packed in oil
     1/4 c  Celery; finely chopped
       1 tb Green pepper;(red or yellow
            -for color if you can0
     1/2 ts Salt;
         ds Freshly ground pepper;
       1 tb Green onion; finely chopped
     1/4 c  Plain low-fat yogurt;
       1 ts Fresh lemon juice;
       1 ts Vinegar;(Marukan Seasoned
            -Gourmet Rice Vinegar is
            -sweet vinegar)*
       1 tb Grated American Cheese
   *(I get a LARGE bottle at Far-east food market and
   only that kind because it has a sweet flavor)
   Drain tuna well, then flake it into a bowl.  Add
   remaining ingredients and mix well.  Use 1/4 cup to
   spread on one slice of bread or an open-face sandwich
   or between two slices of bread for a regular sandwich,
   or mound on crisp lettuce.
   Food Exchange per serving: 1 1/2 LEAN MEAT EXCHANGES;
   CAL: 98; CHO: 2g; PRO: 11g; FAT: 4g; SOD: 279mg, CHO:
   26mg; Low-sodium: Omit salt. Substitute unsalted
   canned tuna.
   Source: The Art of Cooking for the Diabetic by Mary
   Abbott Hess,R.D.,M.S. and Katharine Middleton
   Brought to you and yours via Nancy O'Brion and her
   Meal Master