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       Title: White Grape Jelly
  Categories: Diabetic, Spreads
       Yield: 1 cup
       1 ts Unflavored gelatin                  3    Allspice berries or cloves
   1 2/3 c  Unsweetened white grapejuice        2 ts Artificial sweetener
       2 ts Lemon juice                    
   Tested Feb 94 with 1/2 tsp liquid SugarTwin and whole cloves.
   Sprinkle gelatin over 1/4 cup grape juice.  Combine remaining grape
   juice, lemon juice and allspice berries or whole cloves in a medium
   saucepan. Boil vigorously about 7 minutes to reduce to 3/4 cup. (Test
   batch took about 15 minutes in a small pot.)
   Remove from heat.  Stir in sweetener and softened gelatin until it
   dissolves.  Discard allspice berries or cloves.  Pour into a
   sterilized jar.  Cover tightly.  Store in refrigerator.
   2 tsp serving = 12 calories, 3 grams carbohydrate, 1++ Extra
   Adapted from Choice Cooking, Canadian Diabetes Assoc. 1986 Shared and
   tested by Elizabeth Rodier, Feb 94
   NOTE:  If you want to make this with regular sugar, add it to the
   boiling juice.
   Cinnamon Apple Jelly may be made with apple juice , 1 piece cinnamon
   stick, 1 drop each yellow and red food coloring if desired, and 4 tsp
   artificial sweetener equivalent to sugar.