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  Categories: Mcdougall, Vegetarian
       Yield: 18 servings
       2 c  Cranberries
       1 c  Raisins
       4 md Granny Smith Apples
       1 c  Apple Juice
     1/4 c  Water
       2 tb Arrowroot powder
    Finely Chop apples In a large saucepan combine all
   filling ingredients except water and arrowroot.  Bring
   to boil, cover, reduce heat to low and simmer until
   tender, about 30 minutes. If filling is too thin
   remove cover and evaporate excess liquid by simmering
   over low heat.
    Dissolve arrowroot in water and add to cranberry
   mixture. Stir until thick lkie stewed fruit.
    Fill and cook tamales, according to “Tamales: Basic
   Procedure” ** Hint: experiment using different types
   of Fruit filling. *** Vegetarian Gourmet - Summer
   1993, Don Matesz ***