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                              HOW TO MAKE TOFU
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   Amount  Measure       Ingredient -- Preparation Method
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    2       c            Daizu (soybeans)
      1/2   ts           Nigari (coagulant)
   Utensils: 1. A square box (a plastic tofu container
   with holes poked : through the bottom will do).  Line
   the container with a piece : of gauze about four times
   the size of the box.
    2. Wooden long-handled spoon.
    3. Two-foot-square cotton cloth for straining the
   “milk” from :   the mash.
    4. Blender
   5. Large strainer
   6. Large mixing bowl
   7. Large cooking pot
   a.  Soak the soybeans in three times the amount of
   water overnight.  The
     beans should triple in size. b. When soft, drain off
   the water through a strainer, and pulverize in a
     blender on high speed for 3 to 4 minutes, until
   beans are completely
     pulverized. c. Add 8 ounces of this mixture to 4
   quarts boiling water. d. Reduce the heat to medium and
   cook for 15 minutes, stirring
     constantly.  When it starts to boil up again, do not
   turn down the
     heat but add 2 or 3 drops of vegetable oil - this
   will keep it from
     boiling over.  Continue to cook another 7-10
   minutes. e. Place a wire mesh strainer lined with
   cotton cloth in another bowl and
     pour d. slowly through the lined strainer. f. This
   separates the soybean milk from the mash.  Pick up the
   corners of
     the cloth and gather and twist tight.  The mixture
   is still hot, so
     using the long-handled spoon, force the remaining
   liquid into the bowl
     by pressing repeatedly on the twisted cloth.  Be
   careful to keep a
     tight hold on the ends of the cloth gathered in your
   hand as you twist
     and push with the spoon.  If you drop a corner, very
   hot liquid can
     spill on you and the okara (soybean mash) will
     (The leftover mash is called “okara”.  The soybean
   milk is called
     “tonyu” and can be refrigerated and drunk for a few
   days if you wish). g. Place the tonyu in a large
   cooking pot and keep at about 140 F over
     low heat.  In a separate bowl, mix 5 times the
   amount of water as the
     tonyu with a two-finger pinch of nigari until
   dissolved.  Slowly add
     1/2 to the tonyu, stirring constantly. h. After 5
   minutes, add the other half of the nigari and water
   slowly and
     stir.  Cover and reduce to lowest possible heat and
   let simmer for
     about 15 minutes as the mixture begins to coagulate.
   i. After coagulation, scoop the coagulated tofu out
   with your wooden
     spoon and evenly fill you lined container.  Wrap the
   gauze over the
     top and let the container sit for 5 minutes to allow
   extra liquid to
     drain. j. Immerse the container in a large mixing
   bowl filled with cold water,
     turn it over, gently pull off the container, and
   remove the gauze.
   Making tofu can be an interesting challange, but be
   careful not to burn yourself.  The price of soybeans
   and nigari is negligible, but making tofu does take
   time and is painstaking.  This process has been done
   by hand for centuries, beginning early each morning.
   Only someone who has made their own tofu knows how
   delicious the rewards can be.
   Source: The Folk Art of Japanese Country Cooking by
   Gaku Homma.
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